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In today’s business climate it is not a matter of if you should have a website, it’s a matter of how soon.

Realize that we at HostKat understand the headaches of a small business, time constraints and the cost associated with getting your company on the internet and work with you to reach more customers with a personalized internet presence.

People are interested in who you are and the services or products you offer and will go to the internet before they pick up a phone book or call 411. Be ready now! HostKat has the experience to give you the image you want to portray to potential customers.

HostKat makes it simple to connect with potential customers by creating a professional, user friendly web presence for your business. You will have a personalized website created for your individual business centered on bringing information about you to your customer base.  You will not only have available your name, location, and phone number on your website, but you can include a narrative of who you are, what services/products your offer, pictures of your business and your employees in action, a google map that will direct customers to your location and more.  We use an a la carte philosophy so you can plan your site to meet your needs and budget; never charging you for things you don’t need.

HostKat has your best interests at heart, your bottom line!  Collaborate with us today!

Katherine Jaks